Joomla1.6 Install

Hello Dear

Hope you are fine in health. Now, we are ready to install Joomla 1.6. It is very easy to install like joomla 1.5 . There are more than strong feature from joomla 1.5. Now, to install joomla 1.6, plz follow this instruction.

Step 1 – Language Choice
Whichever of these scenarios fits your particular situation, once you hit the enter key you should be
presented with the following screen:

You should notice that en-GB – English(United Kingdom) is selected. This is the default language used for all Joomla! Core development. Simply select your preferred language for the installation process. If your own language does not appear in the list you may consider assisting in the translation of the core for other people in the same position. Visit the Translation Forums for further details.
The language files included in the core only relate to the installation process itself and do not affect the Front-end or Back-end displays of Joomla! and by default these are only installed in en-GB . This happens simply, as to include all the translations for the core files would make the download an  unmanageable beast in size. Individual languages into which Joomla! has been translated are carried on the Joomla! Code repository site.

Step 2 – Pre-installation Check
The next screen is Joomla!’s confirmation of what you hopefully already know if you followed the earlier advice of using phpinfo(). The screen shows whether your server meets all the necessary criteria to successfully complete the installation.

Step 4 – Database Configuration

We now enter the final, and you could say, most important stages of the browser installation. This step establishes the information Joomla! requires in order to communicate with your database.

then click Next

Step 5 – FTP Configuration
Due to file system permission and PHP Safe Mode restrictions on certain Linux based server hosts, a facility has been introduced in Joomla! 1.5 that will allow all authorised Users to utilize the various Joomla! Installation & upload processes available within the Control Panel. These include the Media Manager as well as the Installation Manager. The FTP layer exists to handle file system manipulation.

then click Next

Main Configuration:

Now you can put information for your site. Such- Site Name, Admin Email Address, Admin User Name (Administrator Login Id), Admin Password, Sample Data Install etc.

The picture like in the below-

Click Next

Now your joomla 1.6 install successfully. Now you have to delete a folder (installation) from a directory where you setup joomla 1.6 in localhost.

I am showing a sample picture from my local pc.  It is important that, directory can be change.

Now you browse from your browser like-


(The address should be where you install joomla 1.6 in your local host)

then you will show a page like that Insallah.

Thank you very much for reading my article.


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