Special Work in text field in HTML Form


We are ready to learn how to write onblue() and onfocus() mouse option. First we write simple HTML form in a HTML page. The code is like that-

<title>    </title>
<form name=”” id=”” method=”POST” action=””>
Search : <input type=”text” name=”” id=”” value=”Text” />


Then, we add some mouse options in text field. After adding that, It should be-

<input type=”text” name=”” id=”” value=”Text” onfocus=”if(this.value==’Text’)this.value=”” onblur=”if(this.value==”)this.value=’Text'”  />

Ok, then SAVE this file and browse this page. You will get beautiful result Insallah.

Thanks for reading this tutorial.


Photos with Rounded Corners using Photoshop


Round/rounded, curved/smooth corner, there are many names for this effect and there are a few methods to create it. In this tutorial, I’m gonna teach you how to get your photos to have rounded corners using what I consider the easiest and most flexible method – using clipping masks.

Before thatOpen the image file you’d like to use (make sure you have a backup copy, just in case) and resize it to desired size using the Image>Image Size… from your menu bar. In this tutorial, I’m using an image that is 350px wide. I am using Photoshop CS2.

Step 1

Your image is by default a Background layer, which is locked. To unlock it, double click the layer. At the “New Layer” dialog box, you may choose to rename the layer, in this example, “Spring”, or leave it as “Layer 0″, and click OK.

Photos with Rounded Corner Tutorial Step 1

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Submit Button with Image…


Now we are ready to learn to make a submit button by image. First we have to make a page with form.  Code is like bellow-

<title>    </title>
<form name=”” id=”” action=”” method=”POST”>
Enter User Name: <input type=”text” name=”” id=””/><br>
Password:<input type=”password” name=”” id=””/><br/>
<input type=”image” src=”submit.gif” onclick=”submit();”/>

Details: I just used here a submit button. Then, I make a form with user name box and password. Then I use <input type=”image” src=”image path” onclick=”submit();” />. When I click this image, then It works as a submit button for onclick=”submit();” function. This is the basic syntax to use image as a submit button.

You can download this image button CLICKING here.

Thanks for reading…

Data Type in PHP


We are ready to know about the data type of PHP. Plz see the code in below-

1. First make a page name datatype.php

2. Then write these code in this file.

//this tutorial is ready to check php data type
$var=”This is a variable”;
echo gettype($var);

//output: string

3. Then save this file.

4. And finally run this file with browser.


First I use a php variable $var and put some string. Then use a function named ‘gettype()’ and put this variable in this function and finally print this function. The expected output is ‘string’.

You can check integer, float accordingly .


How to use Layers in Photoshop

Now we are ready to learn how to use layers in photoshop. Let’s start-

You may have an easier time understanding how to use layers if we take on a simple task in Photoshop that allows you to play with them yourself. Go ahead and Create a New Document (File > New). Set it up to be 400 x 400px, with a resolution of 72px/inch.

We’re going to create the following graphic using layers:

What we’re making

Filling the Background

Typically, when I’m working in Photoshop, I like to work from the background to the top (probably because that’s how the graphic is seen by viewers), so to start things off we are going to fill our background layer with a nice dull green.

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Add New Page in WordPress…

Pages are static. They are a good way to publish information that doesn’t change much, like an About page. Pages appear in the Pages widget and in tabs/links across the top of some themes. Pages are not associated with a date/time like posts.

At times, pages are confused with posts. See Post vs. Page for an explanation of the differences.

Create a New Page

There are two ways to create a new page.

You can click Pages -> Add New in your dashboard.

Or you can select New Page from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of an administration screen.

See our documentation on the Page Screen for more details.

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