Configure Your New Dashboard

What you saw was what you got when it came to your dashboard. Now, you’ve got total freedom to move things around and get rid of the stuff you don’t use.

First, there’s dragging and dropping modules (boxes of content). Just grab the title bar of a module and drag it anywhere to customize your dashboard to your workflow and style. You can even put all your modules in one column, which will stretch them to be twice as wide:

Dashboard - Double-Wide Column

Open and close modules and menu options if you’d like to have less to look at, and less to scroll through. To do this, click the arrow to the right of a module or menu title, which appears when you hover over its heading:

A Tidy Dashboard

Like dragging and dropping, this can be done on other pages within your dashboard, like Add New under Posts.

You can also collapse your menu to only show the icons, for ultimate minimalism. To do this, click a separator in the menu (highlighted below). Click again to expand them and display the text.

Collapsed Menu

Change the settings under the Screen Options tab in the upper right to hide info that’s not important to you.

Clicking Screen Options from the main dashboard will display a list of the modules, which you can then hide or show. In this example, we’ve hidden columns that appear on Edit Posts

Screen Options - Edit Posts

There are now also keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation. First, enable keyboard shortcuts under My Account > Edit Profile. Then use J to go down and K to go up the rows. Use A to approve, S to mark as spam, D to delete, E to edit, and R to reply.

A final secret shortcut is double-click. Just click twice on a comment in the Comments view to open up the editor.


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