How to check the module position in your Joomla 1.6 template?

Hello every one.
To check our template module in joomla, we have to use “?tp=1” option after our address. Like, our address is http://localhost/joomla1.6/smb Now our action like http://localhost/joomla1.6/smb?tp=1
In joomla 1.5 by default it is enable and we can check easily. But Joomla 1.6 version, it is not enable. We have to enable it. So, go to EXTENSIONS > TEMPLATE MANAGER
[Your figure is look like that]

Now go to OPTIONS and you will get these options-

Now you are seeing “Global configuration for Template is Disabled”. Just make it Enable and click Save & Close in top right side.

Now you browse http://localhost/joomla1.6/smb?tp=1 and your are looking a screen like that-

Ok, now you check your module and set module in your template in your sense.
Thanks for reading-


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