Magic Method of OOPHP

Hello friends

Now I am ready to teach you the magic method in Object Oriented PHP. Now the question is, what is Magic Method? It is a that kind of method by which we can identify the class instant by this Magic Method. When we call a class this magic method inform me about the call functions.

To maintain this class, PHP provide the __construct() method. OK, lets go to write code of Magic Method.

class myClass{

        $name="Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim";

    function __construct()
        echo 'The class is ',__CLASS__,'.<br>';    

    function get_property()
        return $this->name."<br/>";    

    function set_property($newVal)


    $obj= new myClass;

    echo $obj->get_property();
    $obj->set_property("Allah is Almighty.");
    echo $obj->get_property();


Here, I use a magic method ‘__construct()’ to know about the class name. OK, our output is like that install.

The class is myClass.
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Allah is Almighty.

Ok, that’s finished. Thanks for reading. Wait for next tutorial.


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