My 100 post & few tips for web designer

Hello Dear,
Suvho Bangla Noboborsho 1419 (Happy Bengali New Year 1419) to you. You are reading 100th Post of my blog.  So, Basically I want to give few tips for web designer. Specially who works for designing website by CSS3. I want to say something about the tools of CSS3.  Hope, you will enjoy this post.

You know, you have to check the cross browsing for css template, specially CSS3. Because, CSS3 does not support for all browser till now. So, this site will help you to know about this-

This is the play ground of CSS. This is very very familiar website for css designer. More than 1000 css designer take help from this. You can try from this also-

This is the very hot animation for CSS. You can get help from this site also. The address of this site is-

This is very very helpful site for pattern design for website. You can get easily help from this site. This pattern is used only css3, no image. The address of this site is-

In css3 you can generate gradient without any kind of image. This is very very cool opportunity for any web designer. In colorzilla, you will get this opportunity. This is very user friendly interface. The address of this site is-

This is enough for today. I believe that, if any designer follow these site for designing website, he / she will be blast within few months as a web expert.
Pry for me and keep in touch. I will post more important post very soon.

With Thanks-


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