HTML5 doctype declaration

Hello Friends, Hope you are fine. Now, we are going to learn about the basic concept of HTML5. It is a series of tutorial. You can learn the basic of HTML5 from these tutorial InsAllah. Today, we are learning about the HTML5 doctype declaration.  Let’s go-

We know, every language has some grammar and vocabulary. HTML5 has also these.

The grammar  of HTML5 is that, you have to write <!DOCTYPE html> on the top of the page. Its the Grammar of HTML5.


The vocabulary of HMTL5 is ,  <!DOCTYPE html>   on top of your page. It’s indicate that, what kind of page it is. When a user browse this site, the information will be sent to the browser. It’s the Vocabulary of HTML5.

Its enough for today’s lesson. Wait for next lesson.


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