Install Laravel 4 in Windows

Tuts Type : Laravel 4  Install in windows
Level : Beginnear / Intermediate
Time : 25-30 Minutes 


Programming world are pretty fast now. Developers try to invent the new language system and methodology to serve there purpose as well as others. In this continuation  Taylor Otwell, a web programmer developed a new web based PHP framework is called Laravel. Some developer are trying to update this framework regularly. As a result, laravel stand on version 4.

If I consider all of my readers know the installation process of laravel 3, then laravel 4 is little bit different. Some people think that, it is complected due to its based on composer, but really it is easy to install. So, lets start…

1. Composer is mandatory to use in Laravel 4. You have to download composer and install it. Just download composer and install. This will install composer globally on your system, based on where your php.exe is located. Normally its in xampp/htdocs/php folder.
2. After that, install GIT. I personally suggest to install Full installer for official Git for Windows that is version. After that, you have to choose path variable of your computer. The process are following-




c. double click on PATH from SYSTEM VARIABLES
d. now copy the path address of git installer (normally in windows it’s by default address is C:\Program Files\Git\bin. If you have changed your directory, then change according your directory). You must put “;” before putting your path address.


e. now click OK > OK > OK.

3. Now the time to install Laravel 4. First of all, download the latest version of Laravel 4 and unzip into your local server. For illustration, let me consider, you have put into your local server where the directory is C:\xampp\htdocs\htdocs\laravel4\.

Now, open the CMD in your computer and change the directory according to your laravel directory. Now, write the composer install and enter. Now wait upto its completed. Hopefully it will take few time to download in your computer.













Yes, it everything is oky, then you have completed your installation successfully. Congratulation!

Enjoy the laravel. Thanks for reading.



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