How to become a good Programmer? Par t-1

Hello all…
One of my article has published in takethecare about How to Become a Good Programmer. Now I am posting this article in my blog. This article copied from


Due to the length of this tutorial, I have make 2 part of this tutorial. Now, I am going to the first part of this tutorial that is How to become a good programmer?

Well, programming is not like any thing that you can obtain over night. Of course, you have to spend your time, concentration and money to learn this.

Its not easy to learn any programming language very swiftly. To do this, you have to be dedicate to your work, and your dream. Yes, of course some people do this very swiftly, but I am not talking that kind of people who are extra ordinary in this word! Except some that kind of people, rest of the people are very simple like you and me.


Learning computer programming is like learning a new language like Mandarin (the official Language of China)


Now, I am going to say something that you have to do every day to become a good programmer and of course I got this behavior from professional programmer.




There is no alternative about the reading! This is a very good habit of a programmer that, he or she can willing to read any programming books or articles. Books and articles can be both printed and online version also.

Read, Read and Read

There are many books store online now from where you can read ebook free, even though download your PDF copy. The ebooks section of takethecare is providing that kind of facilities. Isn’t it?





It is a very harmful idea to duplicate or copy the code for same things from others. Sometimes if can help you to save your time, but ultimately it destroy your thinking and learning capability and making you as a lazy programmer.

Stop Copying the code
So, it would be the best decision to AVOID copying code.



take time to read

Sometimes, you will be hopeless by doing programming. Yes, it is not only you, but all of the programmers. Its a natural process and that time take a break from it. It would be very helpful for you to get oxygen to learn programming. Even though sometimes, you can take a short break in learning section. It can be take a cup of tea, coffee, drinks or what ever you want. of course, I am not influence you for smoking, if you are smoker. Lols…




So far, 3 types of people have to read in their whole life. They are Doctor, Teacher and Engineer. If you think you are in any of this item, its oky. Even though if you think I want to learn web designing, unfortunately you have to read also in your whole life.

Update your self

Make update your self by getting information from the real world. For example, if you want to become a web designer and developer, you have to know the current trends of the world and update your self according to this. You have to be concern about the programming language, security issue that are updating every month, week, even day also.



It is very good idea to test your code after finishing your task as like as baking. By the way, do you like bake? It would be better for them who loves to bake and test their items.

Test your code
Likewise, good programmers are testing their bake first before launching.


That’s all for today. I will try to publish the next part of this articles as earl as possible. Hope, by this time, you will read this article and if you have any query, just let me know by email orfacebook page.


Sounds good…
best of luck
So, start your journey. Best of luck…


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