Welcome to Sublime Text World

Hello all…
One of my article has published in takethecare about Welcome to Sublime Text World. Now I am posting this article in my blog. This article copied from takethecare.com. This is the first part of this series.

Tutorial Details
Language: English
Instructor : Thouhedul Islam Suchi
Published: 6 June 2013
Completion Time: 20 Minutes
Level: Intermediate
Subject: Text Editor
Blog : https://tisuchi.wordpress.com

If you are a examinee, then you have need a very good pen that will boots up your writing and bring the qualitative writing for you. Likewise, if you are programmer, then you have need a good text editor that will help you to productive coding. There are many text editor available for computer programmer but all of this are not effective as your desired one.

Welcome to Sublime Text World

Well, today I am introducing one of the most favorable text editor to the programmer that is called Sublime Text 2. There are many reason that why I said it is most potential text editor to the computer programmer. I will explain it’s all the features from the beginning and show you how to use it from beginning to pro. Of course, it save your coding time, bring more relax mode for you and boost up your coding.

Today, I am welcome to all of my readers to Sublime Text 2 world and going to introduce my tutorial series. This series will be continue up to 12 segment and each and every part will represent the importance of sublime text code editor for both software engineer and web designer and developer. The total course overview are given below-

  • Say Hello to Sublime Text
  • Features of sublime text
  • Mastering Command Palette
  • Lightning Fast File Switching
  • Symbols and Key Binding
  • Multiple Cursors and Increment Search
  • Package Control and Snippet
  • Zen Coding and Emmet
  • Sidebar and Sexy Code Snippet
  • Live Reload and Regular Expression
  • Quicker Style Sheet Reference and Joining Lines
  • Say Thanks to Sublime

That’s all of my plan about the sublime text. Hope you will enjoy this course. I am promising you that, you will learn something from here that will really helpful you. Beside this, it will save your time, help you to become a professional programmer.

That’s wonderful. Do you want to become a professional programmer? Well, just read our tutorials about Productive Your Code by Sublime Text 2. Even, you can get notification by our social networking page like facebook, twiiter, google plus and linked in.

So, talk with you in next tutorial.Thanks for reading.



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