How to become a good Programmer? Par t-1

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One of my article has published in takethecare about How to Become a Good Programmer. Now I am posting this article in my blog. This article copied from


Due to the length of this tutorial, I have make 2 part of this tutorial. Now, I am going to the first part of this tutorial that is How to become a good programmer?

Well, programming is not like any thing that you can obtain over night. Of course, you have to spend your time, concentration and money to learn this.

Its not easy to learn any programming language very swiftly. To do this, you have to be dedicate to your work, and your dream. Yes, of course some people do this very swiftly, but I am not talking that kind of people who are extra ordinary in this word! Except some that kind of people, rest of the people are very simple like you and me.


Learning computer programming is like learning a new language like Mandarin (the official Language of China)


Now, I am going to say something that you have to do every day to become a good programmer and of course I got this behavior from professional programmer.


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10 Design Elements All Big Blogs Have In Common

Hello Every one. How are you? I am sending one important post for blogger. This post written by (This Post is Collected from from this site:


Anytime you create something new, whether it’s a product, a service, or a website, start by taking a look at what others have created before you.

To help you set the foundation for your blog design, I’ve listed 10 design elements that almost all big blogs have in common and how you can implement them on your WordPress blog.

The 10 Big Blogs

To give you some hard data, I chose to use Mashable, TechCrunch, The Next Web, GigaOM, Seth’s Blog, Copyblogger, Problogger, KISSmetrics Blog, Freelance Switch, and The Oatmeal as examples for this post.


The headers on nine out of ten of these sites were 100 pixels high or less. Most of them included the logo and a search bar.

Logo (10/10)

All ten of these blogs had their logo in the upper-left corner and hyperlinked it to the home page.

Gigaom Logo Header 10 Design Elements All Big Blogs Have In CommonThe logo is in the upper left and it links to the homepage.

How to implement the hyperlinked logo: Most WordPress themes (i.e. WooThemes, Thesis, Genesis, etc.) let you upload a logo through the theme’s design settings and it automatically links home.

Search Box (6/10)

Six of the ten big blogs had a search box on the right side of the header. Seth’s Blog and Copyblogger put their search bar towards the top of the sidebar. The KISSmetrics blog and The Oatmeal don’t have a search mechanism.

TheNextWeb Search Box 10 Design Elements All Big Blogs Have In’s search box is on the right side of the header.

How to implement the search box: You can place your search bar as a widget in the Appearance > Widgets area of your theme. If you don’t have a widgetized header, this is the php for the search box:

<?php get_search_form(); ?>

Place it within your header.php or your theme’s custom php file. If you’re not familiar with php, put it near the top of your sidebar within the widgets area.

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