How to create form in Laravel 4

Laravel 4 form create

Form is a most expected elements in website as well as web based application. Each and every interactive web apps must have a form option to communicate between users and administrator. Whatever you want to write in website, there is not alternative about form. It could be in chat, message, as well as comments.

In laravel 4, you have huge flexibility to create HTML form easily. Today I will gonna to show you how to create a simple form in laravel. Let’s open route.php file to change our routing.

Route::get('/createform', function()
return View::make('createform');

Just change the view file name and write new file name that is ‘createform’. Save and close this file. Open apps/views directory and create a new file. File name should createform.blade.php that we defined in route.php file.


{{ Form::open() }}

{{ Form::label(‘name’, ‘Full Name: ‘) }}

{{ Form::text(‘name’) }}

{{ Form::label(’email’, ‘Email Address: ‘) }}

{{ Form::email(’email’) }}

{{ Form::label(‘password’, ‘Password: ‘) }}

{{ Form::password(‘password’) }}

{{ Form::submit(‘Save Data’) }}

{{ Form::close() }}

Now save your file and browse your site (http://localhost/createform). Hope you will get very simple form that will take name, email and password. Its not fancy but still work.

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Part 1 : Installation Laravel :.: Mastering on Laravel

01 - Installation Laravel :.: Mastering on Laravel by tisuchi

I am planning to make video tutorial series for learning laravel from zero. Based on few request from my viewers, I am preparing few video tutorials for you. Today I am going to share first video tuts from laravel series. This video will help you to install laravel in your local computer. Its for installation laravel in your computer.

Hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any specific question, don’t forget to ask me by making comments. Thanks for watching.

Mastering on Routing in Laravel

Laravel Logo of tisuchi

Routing is important for every website as well as application. Today I am going tell about the mechanism of routing in web engineering. Basically routing will decide where will be your destination? In laravel, there is a special class for routing. Lets open app>routes.php files.

Route::get('/', function()
        return View::make('hello');

In this file, we are grabbing Route class from core Route class (vendor > laravel > framework > src > Illuminate > Routing > Route.php).  Inside the core Route class, there is a static get() function and we are by default using this get() function.  Inside this function, we laravel created a another function as a parameter.

       return View::make('hello');

Now, going inside this function, you will see there is a return option. But you have to understand how this function will work. Well, considering this function, I am going to comments the return option and put something new as follows-

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Laravel 4 – Composer Error

There is a new version on Laravel 4. If you want to install laravel 4 in your computer now, then you have to do some extra work. If you don’t know how to install laravel in windows, then read my previous tutorial about Install Laravel 4 in Windows.

Now, today I am going to show you, if you face any more problem to install laravel composer, then what you have to do? Sometimes, you have to see the following error to install the laravel in your computer-

You need to enable the OpenSSL extension for your PHP installation

in this case, You need to enable the OpenSSL extension for your PHP installation. In your php.ini file (inC:\xampp\phpuncomment the following line:


Just remove the ; in front of it.

Once you’ve saved your changes, restart Apache, and it should work.


That’s it. I think now it should work for your computer. Thanks for reading.



Install Laravel 4 in Windows

Tuts Type : Laravel 4  Install in windows
Level : Beginnear / Intermediate
Time : 25-30 Minutes 


Programming world are pretty fast now. Developers try to invent the new language system and methodology to serve there purpose as well as others. In this continuation  Taylor Otwell, a web programmer developed a new web based PHP framework is called Laravel. Some developer are trying to update this framework regularly. As a result, laravel stand on version 4.

If I consider all of my readers know the installation process of laravel 3, then laravel 4 is little bit different. Some people think that, it is complected due to its based on composer, but really it is easy to install. So, lets start…

1. Composer is mandatory to use in Laravel 4. You have to download composer and install it. Just download composer and install. This will install composer globally on your system, based on where your php.exe is located. Normally its in xampp/htdocs/php folder.
2. After that, install GIT. I personally suggest to install Full installer for official Git for Windows that is version. After that, you have to choose path variable of your computer. The process are following-




c. double click on PATH from SYSTEM VARIABLES
d. now copy the path address of git installer (normally in windows it’s by default address is C:\Program Files\Git\bin. If you have changed your directory, then change according your directory). You must put “;” before putting your path address.

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Passing Parameter in Laravel Controller

Hello Friends,
Hope you are fine. I am fine also. Now, I am interested to show you how to pass parameter by laravel controller. Let’s watch the video for this.


Passing Parameter by Laravel Controller


If you have any query, then just make your comments on it.
Thanks for watching…