Create download box by Photoshop

Project Type: PSD Design
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Time: 30-45 Minuets
Target People: Beginner & Intermediate

Hello Reader, now I am read to show how to create a download box by using photoshop. The final output of this work are in below-

Create Download box by Photoshop

This is a very nice download box. I have made a tutorial for this. Its a video tutorial. You can watch this video from I am attaching the link of this video. There are 2 parts of this video.

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Benifit of using Photoshop Layers

Hello every one. Lets know details about photoshop layers-

How Photoshop works:

A graphics designer who understands layers mechanism in Photoshop is like a soccer player who understand the offside rule. It’s the key. What are layers and why are them so useful? You have to think in this way: every composition realized in Photoshop is the result of several layers combined together. So a layer can be defined as the fundamental Photoshop unit.

This example will show you the meaning of what I’m saying. Let’s create a new document in Photoshop (File>New):

In the bottom right you should have the layers window. In case you don’t see it, go to Window>Layers: Continue reading

Photos with Rounded Corners using Photoshop


Round/rounded, curved/smooth corner, there are many names for this effect and there are a few methods to create it. In this tutorial, I’m gonna teach you how to get your photos to have rounded corners using what I consider the easiest and most flexible method – using clipping masks.

Before thatOpen the image file you’d like to use (make sure you have a backup copy, just in case) and resize it to desired size using the Image>Image Size… from your menu bar. In this tutorial, I’m using an image that is 350px wide. I am using Photoshop CS2.

Step 1

Your image is by default a Background layer, which is locked. To unlock it, double click the layer. At the “New Layer” dialog box, you may choose to rename the layer, in this example, “Spring”, or leave it as “Layer 0″, and click OK.

Photos with Rounded Corner Tutorial Step 1

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How to use Layers in Photoshop

Now we are ready to learn how to use layers in photoshop. Let’s start-

You may have an easier time understanding how to use layers if we take on a simple task in Photoshop that allows you to play with them yourself. Go ahead and Create a New Document (File > New). Set it up to be 400 x 400px, with a resolution of 72px/inch.

We’re going to create the following graphic using layers:

What we’re making

Filling the Background

Typically, when I’m working in Photoshop, I like to work from the background to the top (probably because that’s how the graphic is seen by viewers), so to start things off we are going to fill our background layer with a nice dull green.

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Photoshop Interface Tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll take a general overview of Photoshop’s interface.

Virtually every computer program there is today comes with a way for users to interact with it. If it didn’t, the program wouldn’t be of much use to anyone, would it? Most older programs offered nothing more than a rather frightening and intimidating text-based command line interface which required you to know awkward commands to be able to use it. Most of the more recent programs today, thank goodness, provide us with a graphical user interface (commonly called a GUI or “gooey”) which is a much more user-friendly and intuitive way of telling the program what it is we want it to do. Fortunately for us, Photoshop comes with all kinds of “gooey” goodness, which makes our life a whole lot easier right off the bat.

The Photoshop CS2 User Interface

The Photoshop CS2 default user interface.

Getting Started with Photoshop

You’ve heard of Photoshop, right? Of course you have — you wouldn’t be reading this book otherwise! You’ve probably heard of Photoshop’s sidekick, Fireworks, too, but you might not be quite sure of what it does or where it fits in.

Photoshop and Fireworks are two of the most commonly used tools in the web designer’s arsenal. From the preparation of initial design comps to generating optimized graphics for a web page, most web designers rely heavily on these two programs.

In this introductory chapter, which has been adapted from The Photoshop Anthology, 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks and Techniques, I’ll cover some of the basic tools and tasks that we’ll draw on in the later chapters. I’ll also share some of the shortcuts and time-savers that I use frequently. This chapter won’t give you an exhaustive review of the many things that Photoshop can do (where would it end!), but it should provide the bare bones that will help get beginners started. If you’re already familiar with the interface and can perform tasks like making selections, applying gradients, and working with layers, you might want to skip ahead to the next chapter.

So what are you waiting for? Open up Photoshop and let’s go!

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