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There is no doubt that, PHP Excel Library is a super doper library for mastering on Excel document by PHP language. Personally I prefer to use PHP excel library to manipulate data with excel. Let’s take a look how can we use that sublime library in PHP.

Download PHP Excel Library

Go to following links for downloading. You may choose any source to download.

Although they have different download options, but I prefer to download from official page. After downloading successfully, extract downloaded zip folder. Now go inside extracted folder and sure enough you will get Classes folder. Now copy everything from classes folder and past in yourdesire folder (normally it is in your localhost). For example, I am using xampp in C drive and created a new folder called php in htdocs. So my url should be c://xampp/htdocs/php/. It can be different in your pc. Now time to browse your your file (PHPExcel.php). Based on my directory, my url should be like follows- http://localhost/php/PHPExcel.php. And sure enough that you will not get anything in browser.



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How to use PHPExcel library